StainClean 9.5kg Top Load Washer in White


Blasts stains away with the powerful waterflow. Removes 15 daily stains in one go. 

Rinse Plus

Minimizes detergent residues with fresh water running in last rinse.

Biotic Hand Wash

Optimized cleaning and prevents tangling with waterflow imitating hand wash momentum.
7,990,000 ₫


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The specially designed program to blast stains away with the powerful waterflow and special algorithm. Removes 15 daily stains such as soy sauce, juice, carrot puree etc in one go. 

Rinse Plus

The special function for minimizing detergent residues in your laundry. Fresh running water will be used in the last rinse for a thorough and complete rinsing. Designated to care for the delicate skin of babies and elderlies.

Biotic Hand Wash

Optimized cleaning preformances thanks to the intelligent imitation of "hand-washing" with four momentums: wiping, rubbing, rotating, vibrating. Thoroughly cleans while preventing tangling, preserves your dedicate fabrics.

One click auto start with 6th SENSE

Simply press the Start/Pause button for 3s, 6th sense technology automatically detects the loading and initiates a optimal wash cycle - hassle free in doing your daily laundry. 

Tub Clean

Cleanse the tub with the designated cycle, leaving the best hygienic clean environment to your clothes.


  • Colour: White and Silver
  • Motor: Universal
  • Washing capacity: 9.5kg
  • Maximum spin speed: 700
  • Temperature range: Cold
  • Top Lid: Glass
  • Display: LED
  • Control: Button
  • Product dimensions WxDxH: 540x563x940
  • Energy Rating: 5 stars
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Net weight (kg) :  34
  • Water level selection : 8 levels
  • Preset/Delay Start :  1-24hr
  • Remaining Time display : Yes


  • Mixed
  • eCotton
  • Stain
  • Quick
  • Rinse+Spin
  • Spin


  • Rapid
  • Heavy
  • Gentle
  • Add Soak
  • Add Rinse
  • Tub Clean
  • Handwash
  • Rinse+